Application virtualisation is not a new concept. Microsoft’s acquisition of Softricity and the Softgrid product has brought an enterprise solution to the mass market.

Microsoft Application Virtualisation (App-V)
allows applications to be deployed in real-time to any client from a virtual application server. It removes the need for local installation of the applications. Instead, only the App-V client needs to be installed on the client machines. All application data is permanently stored on the virtual application server. Required software is either streamed or locally cached from the application server on demand and run locally. The App-V stack sandboxes the execution environment so that the application does not make changes to the client itself (OS File System and/or Registry). App-V applications are also sandboxed from each other, so that different versions of the same application can be run under SoftGrid concurrently. This approach enables any application to be delivered without making any changes to its code.

Sounds good doesn’t it? So how do you get it and use it? When do you use it? More importantly will ALL of your applications work in App-V, or will you use it as a tactical solution?

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