MSI Packaging

Application packaging is one of those things a lot of people don’t think about in an OS rollout. This should be one of the major stages right at the beginning not added on as an after thought.

We can assist you in identifying what applications you have, what will need packaging. Then implement a process with stages to help make the whole exercise painless. With the proper planning it is quite simple and should not be a thorn in your side.

If you need help in packaging a single application or hundreds, we can do it. If you are looking to migrate to a new OS and would like help in rationalising you application portfolio we can help with that aswell.


Onsite or Offsite, in house or out source your packaging?

In very basic terms you need two things to make a package.
1: Source Software
2: Installation instructions

Without these well, you have nothing. Yes, if you have the source SW you can create installation instructions.

If you are going to create these, you have done most of the hard work. Why not package it yourself?
Or reduce your costs by completing the first two tasks above?

We work in conjunction with your existing IT staff, or if you prefer we can complete the complete packaging process for you.

Application Conflicts?

All of the MSI’s we provide are ‘conflict tested’. If you have a current conflict in your environment we can help. If you are using a mix of repackaged applications and vendor supplied MSI’s you may find you have a few issues. We can asses the cause, impact and suggest a course of action to resolve the issue.

Citrix, Server Based apps, Thin apps, Virtualisation.

Not just buzz words but a serious reliable solution to some common issues in many large organisations. Small companies can also utilise the technology and make financial savings and improve users experience with your IT system

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