MSI Training

It can sound like a foreign language, luckily we have the translator for you. It can start at a basic level covering the concepts of application packaging why and when to do it.

If you need a specific subject introduced to your current staff or a new team we can create a custom training package for you. Delivered on site or off site and relevant to the tools you are using.

You can book a day a week or multiple weeks of training. It is normally more successful to have a basic course then continue to the next level 2-4 weeks later. There is a lot to take in and get comfortable with.
Then you can move on to more advanced lessons, this can also help to develop your packaging process as you continue to progress in your environment.

Why pay others to do what your staff can do?

Packaging is a specialised skill, but it can be learnt. We will design a specific course for you tailored to your environment and packaging tool.

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