Bringing you packaging solutions is just a small part of what we can offer you. we have highly skilled professionals that can design and implement a new solution for you, or plan a process to help you scale up, or down.

Since May 2000 we have been at the front line as it were, packaging software for the latest operating system. We have seen the NT4 to 2000 migration and the joys of NTFS permission. Windows XP the NTFS structure, the impact of the Service Pack 2 upgrade for XP. Veni, vidi, vici

Most times we enter calmly and swiftly solve the issue before we are offered a coffee. Other times, yes it is hard, but we stay late in the evening until we solve the issue.

Operating system rollouts, software upgrades, application testing and diagnosis.

Why pay others to do what your staff can do?

No doubt, packaging is a specialised skill, but it can be learnt.
We will design a specific course for you, tailored to your environment and chosen packaging tool.

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