An essential phase that is repeated in many of the process stages in application packaging. It is so vital it cannot be stressed enough.

If you are looking to acquire a piece of software for your organisation, first make sure it does what you need it to do. That is functionality testing.

Assuming it does what you need it to, then see how it gets on with your network and hardware. This is bench mark testing. Does it need a faster processor? Massive amounts or RAM? Does it use a lot of bandwidth? Do you need to access it remotely?

Once it passes all of these tests then it can be ‘packaged’ for deployment. Functional testing will be carried out at least twice, but usually around 6 more times, some times more. If you need advise on what to test and how, creating test plans please contact us.

The hardest part of testing can be chasing the need for elevated permissions.

If you are aiming to move to a new OS from an older legacy system, you may have some issues.

The good news is most new applications can work OK on new Microsoft platforms. Occasionally you will need to make some permission changes if you are implementing a locked down desktop.

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